The Lesbian

Hi all.
Just a quick note to tell you all the latest news and heppenings in my life, pertaining to my site(s) that is *smile* is progressing marvelously.
My discussion forums are taking shape.
Chat and chatrooms are happening 🙂
Presently I am working on member profile fields and additions to profile pages.
Fun, fun, happy, happy joy. has become a reality as of a couple of days ago.
My soon to be online discussion portal for women that love to write.

I’ve noticed that having your site on wordpress, rather as a subdomain of wordpress has definite limitations.
I don’t like limitations.

I have a launch date of Oct 12th, 2017 for
(I sure do miss my text editor from

I’m going to keep this blog, since so many have become accustomed to it, but in the future, when is up, I’ll be doing the majority of my blog posts there.

K then.
Hope to see you all on the boards.