i remember when

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were important.
Building a fort and protecting it from the white collar kids meant something.
Throwing smoke bombs and waiting to capture their fort meant the world.
Raiding gardens and Ole Man Dick coming out after us with a shotgun.
He shot at us cuz we raided his garden.

Throwing snowballs and Ole Lady Horpinuck waiting..
Trying to catch us.
The uh huh uh huh I caught you lady coming after us with her broom.

I remember when life seemed to be so easy.
so pleasant.
so hard.
so fun.

What do kids have to look forwards to?
Video games n drugs.
They don’t think that a Friday night’s reprieve is going to the library.

They stand outside the library nowadays doing drugs n drinking.

I want the yesterdays back when life made sense.


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