Read and digest.
Agree to disagree.
We can be friends or not.
Up to you.
Life is simple.
People make it complex.

My love for writing began years ago but even though I have always considered myself to be a writer, I never allowed myself to be just that.
Life just sorta kept on going on and I never realized how fast it really does go by till now.
My yesterdays could be deemed as those lived through the eyes of a “wild child.”
I can’t disagree with that because I really, really was.
I had alot of fun, partied my ass off, met some cool chicks and I even remember some of their names and I have no regrets in doing so.

Guess the old adage about “with age comes wisdom” holds some kind of merit because I’m now leaning a lil’ in that direction.

With that in mind, what you’ll read here is what makes up and what has made me me.

Welcome to my mind *smilin here*
Nuff said.

Words +
Imagination +
The strength of a pen in one’s hand +
The depth of colours +
The contortion of thoughts +
The simplicity of moments all conjured up in one’s mind.

a recipe for a writer.


January 25th, 2016~

That  was the idea that I had begun with when I first started this blog;  to be able to just write and have all of my writes in one place.

Over the past year though, I have grown.

While my writing will still be a part of my blog, I am going to be opening it up for others to be able to post what is on their minds as well.

“Diversity can help stimulate the mind,” I say.

Knowledge IS power!


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