i remember when

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were important.
Building a fort and protecting it from the white collar kids meant something.
Throwing smoke bombs and waiting to capture their fort meant the world.
Raiding gardens and Ole Man Dick coming out after us with a shotgun.
He shot at us cuz we raided his garden.

Throwing snowballs and Ole Lady Horpinuck waiting..
Trying to catch us.
The uh huh uh huh I caught you lady coming after us with her broom.

I remember when life seemed to be so easy.
so pleasant.
so hard.
so fun.

What do kids have to look forwards to?
Video games n drugs.
They don’t think that a Friday night’s reprieve is going to the library.

They stand outside the library nowadays doing drugs n drinking.

I want the yesterdays back when life made sense.


life goes on

And so the woman that stood at the top of the hill that overlooked the gully below questioned the reasoning as to the meaning of existance.

Souls had been dying around her.
Family members.
First lovers.

What was to come of all of this?

“Life.'” cackled that crow.
“This is life.”
“You must accept it in order to proceed.”

“Proceed to what?” I questioned.

“Welcome to reality.”

My sultry soul needn’t wanted to listen to that advice.
Parents were a part of your being.
Brothers and sisters were a part of that being.
People that you had known for such a long time it semed were a part of that being..

But that didn’t matter it seemed.
Because they died.
Because whatever you thought that would prevent this moment..
it meant diddly.

What is it’s meaning really?

You can put on the blinders.
Escape and forget for the moment,
the time being,
but this reality,
this truism will always win.
so then.

what is the meaning of it all?

Doris Roberts vs Prince..aka Symbol Man.

Prince has passed away.
A drug addict still. @ the age of 57.
Doris Roberts, on the otherhand.
she was Ray Ramona’s mom on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Who do you choose to emulate and why?
I myself am sick of hearing all of the over and over repeats of Purple Rain.
The guy was a drug addict.
Every single thought, emotion, word that came from his mouth was re-something or other because of drugs.
My God.
He moved back home to Minneapolis cuz he said..
“Bad people didn’t go there.”

Are you all crazy?

Drugs influencing reality.
Psshaw to that.
Gimme somebody that is all here and not in an imaginary state of mind.
Jus sayin..:)


In the beginning, there was nothing but silence, and after awhile, Nuse decided to herself that it was time.

Up from her throne she rose and stepped forth with her majestic sword in her hand.
Reaching down, she pricked her finger with it’s metallic edge and a drop of her essence appeared.

She looked out into this darkened blanket of stillness and said, “On this day, let this nothingness be filled with light,” and with the flicking of her fingertip, a droplet of her essence began to descend downwards.

“Stop,” she called out to this droplet falling into this nothingness.

“You are to rest there, and on every single word that is uttered from my lips, you are to start to shine, and you will only stop shining when i am not speaking. Now begin to shine,” Nuse called aloud and the nothingness seemed to obey her command.

Looking down upon this now lightened space, Nuse knew that she had to fill it, but with what, she asked herself.

“I will fill this nothingness with my breath, and my breath will hold shapes and forms whereas I can try to figure out just what is me.”

“On this day, ” Nuse said again aloud, “I am setting my breath free, to shape and form and do as it wishes, because in the end, it is really all a part of me.
“Maybe then, when it has formed, I can just see the true me,” she said confidently to herself.

As Nuse breathed a circlular ring formed, and within this ring, her breath seemed to begin to dance about.

First there appeared these tiny particles that formed and stuck together to take place within this circle.

“Hmmn,” Nuse thought aloud.
“This is odd.”

Next to appear were objects and shapes of many sizes and colours, and as Nuse watched this development of her thoughts interacting within each other,
her lips formed a pleasant smile of appreciation.

Some breaths seemed to be able to move upon sets of two limbs.
Some breaths seemed to be able to move upon sets of four limbs.
Some breaths seemed to be able to move just stand on one limb.
Some breaths seemed to be able to move just crawl upon these particles that formed the circle.
Some breaths seemed to be able to move swiftly.
Some breaths seemed to be able to move slowly.
Some breaths even seemed to be able to float above the particles that had formed within that circlular ring.

“Now why did my breath ever come together as that?”
Nuse chuckled to herself, then shook her head, but accepted the fact that this thing becoming was all a part of her.

“Hello Nuse,” a voice called out from the distance.
“What are you doing with that blackness?”

Nuse turned about to set her eyes upon the shadowy figure that had now come forth.

“Mona,” Nuse replied.
“What has brought you to venture my way this day?”

Mona looked upon Nuse, then downwards towards the now lightened darkness.

“That light,” Mona called back as her head turned downwards.
“I could see it from my window ledge, so I wanted to see where it was coming from. The yesteryears would not approve, I’m sorry to say.
That blackness was to be left untouched. You remember their initial teachings don’t you?
How can you just go about, letting your breaths escape?
You know how fragile in turn that can be.”

Nuse stepped out from within the doorway that led atop towards Mona, almost within an arm’s length of touching her.
“I know that before these yesteryears, there were probably many more yesteryears before that. I know that the beginning happened sometime but an exact moment is not known, and that the true beginning. Was there ever a true beginning or has it just always been?”

“Nuse,” Mona replied.
“You always question so much. Why can”t you let it just be?”

“Look for yourself,” Nuse said back as she down looked upon the darkness that now held light and shapes and sounds.
“Can’t you see what my breath is becoming?”

Mona looked down at the shapes that Nuse’s breath had begun to transform into.

Mona was both astonished and worried all at the same time.

“Nuse,” Mona began.
“You have elected to manipulate your breath.
That is both courageous and against the rules at the same time.
Now what would Mother Kalena say to your decision?”

“Mona, ” Nuse replied in defense of her choice.
“The nothingness is ours to manipulate. Are we not the ones that reign supreme over the blackness?”

A deep sigh left Mona’s lips.
“Yes Nuse. We are the creators of the nothingness.
But is it wise to begin the creation of overpowering the nothingness?
Gilliad will raise she her ugly head once she knows what we are doing.
And with that, will begin the Battle for the Starburst Royal.”

Nuse stepped back and let out a laugh that shook the cloud that she stood upon.

“The Starburst Royal?”
“Have you been listening at my door Mona?”