~the rain.
pelting upon the window pane.
the birds.
still gathering at the feeder.
they knew no difference.

the house seemed stagnant amidst everything happening outside her presence.~

Alrighty then.
Just a quick note
I’ve been busy with LezbianConnection.com
It’s progressing slowly.
Such an undaunting but utterly blissful way to pass my time.

My writings.
My mind is so full of words, and sentences, and more words, yes and let’s not forget the umpteen zillion thoughts that carry me around making me feel like a balloon in the wind.

That was a lil bit.

If anyone has any time and would like to help me with the re-birth of LezbianConnection.com again.
Just send me a lil note or contact me via LezbianConnection.com.

Thanks for all that are enjoying my papers and such.
TTY in a lil bit πŸ™‚

And by the by.

An article directory for alesbianwriter.com is out of the question.

Way to much negativty pertaining to the owning and operating of one.

Maybe I’ll just go ahead and let users submit posts etc here?

Just a thought.

Namaste πŸ™‚